Triple glazed windows have three panes of glass instead of one or two. This might lead you to believe that there are many benefits to triple glazing and you’d be right: however, there are also some drawbacks. Overall though, the pros outweigh the cons.

Probably the greatest benefit of triple glazing is increased thermal efficiency. The extra pane of glass makes it a better insulator. In addition, if your window has argon gas between the panels, this will make it even more thermally efficient. Argon is an inert gas that reduces heat loss through the panes. A low E coating will also increase thermal performance. This is a microscopically thin metallic coating applied to the internal and middle pane, reflecting heat back into the room. Because of their high level of heat efficiency, triple glazed windows are popular in cold climate countries such as Sweden and Canada. But more and more Irish homeowners are buying them to help counter our harsh winters.

Triple glazed windows are also stronger and more rigid than regular windows which makes them more secure. Burglars will be turned off by them as they are harder to break into.

They also help to reduce sound transmission. By using acoustic laminated glass or different thicknesses of glass, noise levels from outside are minimised.

Inevitably, there are some cons to triple glazed windows.

The most obvious one is the higher initial cost – that extra pane of glass makes a considerable difference to purchasing price.

Also, they are very heavy which will make installation costs higher and can also be a problem with weaker sash materials. There may also be a risk of hinges bending over time due to the weight. These windows need a strong durable frame material such as fibreglass. Fibreglass can withstand heavy loads without twisting, warping or sagging.

Another disadvantage is that if the existing structure is poorly insulated, then triple glazing is not recommended.

In the summer months, the amount of heat coming in from the outside is lessened with the extra pane, so that energy costs are increased.

Also, because of their thickness, condensation on the outside portion of the window might become a problem.

There may be more cons than pros to triple glazed windows but the pros are far more substantial. If you want a safer, more secure and heat efficient house then triple glazing is ideal.

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